Monday, February 23, 2009

What's going on with Real Estate?

I'm not too sure about everywhere else, but our office is suddenly swamped with customers wanting to get in on the best buys at the lowest interest rates in years. This is certainly a great time to negotiate. Of course, some people want to buy for pennies on the dollar and those offers often lead nowhere, while others really want to get the fairest deal possible and are negotiating great deals that make it to the closing table.

Real estate has always been a good place to invest. While market values go up and down, and I myself paid more for a piece of property in 2006 than I could sell it for today, I know that the property will always be worth something and that values will increase again. It is not as risky as most stock market investments where people have already lost substantial amounts and could potentially lose an entire investment. You really need to have a strong stomach and be a real risk-taker to hang in with the stock market right now -- or you are at a place in life where you need to know that liquid funds are available immediately if you think you might need them in the short term. If you can afford to invest in property for the long term, or if you are looking to buy a house, the timing may never be better than right now. From what I am seeing in 2009 so far, it appears that people are beginning to realize that!

To see some of the lowest prices in recent years, visit our website at And if you find an interesting property but the price hasn't been cut, don't be afraid to make an offer. Also, some sellers are willing to hold a note so you don't have to apply for a mortgage at a lending institution. You just might find exactly what you are looking for and a deal you wouldn't want to pass up. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 850-584-5101.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Happy Valentine's Day!" -- Make it the Best Ever

Guys -- Would you like a suggestion for creating a Valentine's Day evening for your wife or significant other that she will never forget?

1. It should be a total surprise, but you will want to be sure she arrives at the appointed time.
2. Meet her at the door and blindfold her.
3. Lead her to the bathroom filled with lit candles, soft music, and a hot bubblebath. The tub should already be filled with hot (but not too hot) water brimming with bubbles. The overhead lights should either be turned down real low or completely off. The candles will provide enough soft light. {This is all so easy to do.}
4. Once she is settled into the soothing bath, bring her a nice glass of wine.
5. After about 15 minutes, bring her a warm towel and robe (they can be warmed up in a short time in the clothes dryer, 5-10 minutes on high)
6. Blindfold her again and lead her into the dining room with more soft music, and the table set with candles, your nicest dishes, and the dinner of your choice. (If you don't have time to cook or simply do not like to cook, you can order a takehome dinner and warm it up. Make it special with a small salad first and dessert afterwards.) Another glass of wine with dinner would also be nice.
7. This is not the time to send her to the kitchen to clean up either (that would spoil the mood). Put the dishes in the dishwasher or sink. Let her relax. Keep the music going, dance, or watch a good movie together; just make it fun and relaxing.

You can make the evening as easy or elaborate as you want; regardless, this will be a Valentine's Day that you both will talk about for years to come. And you might even decide to make it a Valentine's Day ritual that will keep the sparks lit for the rest of your lives.


Update on Pouncey's Restaurant

I mentioned earlier this month that Pouncey's Restaurant had been leased and would be reopening soon under new management. Well, it opened yesterday, Friday 13. The Pouncey's name is staying in place along with a subname of Hill's Country Kitchen. It was packed yesterday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wanted to go there to try it out last night, but because there was a waiting line, we decided to dine elsewhere and will visit the new Pouncey's another day.

The reason I'm posting information on Pouncey's is that the restaurant is a local icon. Lots of locals always liked to meet there for an early breakfast before starting their day. And I have heard from many travelers over the years that they liked to stop there to eat on their way through Perry or while visiting here.

So for those of you that have an affinity for Pouncey's, it is open and ready to serve you once more.

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

7th Annual Florida State Bluegrass Festival

Bluegrass fans -- mark your calendar for April 2-4, 2009, and come on down to Perry for one of the best award-winning Bluegrass Festivals in the country.

A special guest performer at the event will be Rhonda Vincent, IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year (7 consecutive years) and Grammy Award Winner. Other performers include Mountain Heart, Charlie McCoy, Pure & Simple, Mueller Family, Southern Lite, Swinging Bridge, Sawgrass Band, Charlie McCoy, Ernie Evans, Tallahassee Fiddlers, and more.

The Festival will also play host this year to the Florida State Bluegrass Music Competition Finals, and hundreds of talented musicians will be competing for the championship titles.

Admission is only $15. Hotels and campgrounds are usually filled for the event, so make your reservations early if you plan to attend.

For more information on the Bluegrass Festival or to buy tickets, visit this website: For hotel, campground and restaurant information, visit the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce website at

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Okay, it's a new year and new resolutions are being made while others may be faltering just a little (you know, the exercise and diet stuff, very worthy resolutions that we have to struggle with.......). One of my new resolutions though, was just made last week during a discussion with a new acquaintance that checks my blog out occasionally. He kindly informed me that I don't blog enough, and I have to admit that I have been awfully slack for the past year. So I resolve to blog more often to keep my readers more abreast on what's happening in and about Perry and Keaton Beach and the rest of Taylor County.

Construction of Perry's new Holiday Inn Express and new Walgreens is well underway. Both structures are taking shape; the exterior framework is up and both buildings are looking pretty impressive. It is exciting to watch new development in a small town, and very heartening to see growth in the area when the economic climate has been less than favorable. But optimism abounds!

I had mentioned previously that Pouncey's Restaurant, a long-time home-cooking family restaurant, closed recently. The restaurant has now been leased and is being remodeled and will open again soon under new management. I'm not sure if the name Pouncey's will remain or if it will open under the name of Hill's (of the Hard Hat Cafe), who is leasing the property. Regardless, the food will most assuredly be good, so plan on visiting the restaurant and try it out for good measure when it opens. My bet is that we will want to make it a regular dining spot.

As to real estate, activity has picked up since Christmas. I think some people are finally realizing that with lower prices and low interest rates, this really is a good time to buy. If you are considering a property investment in the area, you can browse through our website and check out what we have available. By the way, Gulf Breeze Real Estate (my agency) was rated #1 in our area for sales and listings sold in 2008 by the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, and we have the largest inventory of listings available in the county. Our website is

Check back in occasionally; I promise to do a better job of blogging (Thanks to Bill!).