Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall & Fish Frenzy

With a hint of Fall in the air, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Last weekend, my husband, Larry, and I took a walk down the privately owned quarter-mile long dock at Dekle Beach. We watched hundreds, if not thousands, of little fingerling mullet swimming in the shallow waters along the dock. An old Bull Redfish was also enjoying hanging out by the dock and, apparently, had his fill of the little fingerlings. The Red was lazily moving about, then would rest in one spot for a long time. He didn't appear to be hungry because when he was still, little fish would swim right past his mouth, and he wouldn't budge. The old Red was way too big to be a legal catch, and we enjoyed watching him as he reigned supreme over all the other fish in the shallow Gulf waters on that glorious sunny afternoon.

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