Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Little Life in the Big City!

May brought some excitement, adventure, and an opportunity to reflect on the big city life vs. small community life in vastly different coastal areas of Florida.

The birth of my daughter's first child took me to Miami Beach for a couple of weeks, where I witnessed firsthand the birth of little Jonah at Baptist Hospital. My daughter and her husband, a student doctor, allowed both of us moms (grandmoms) to be in the delivery room to participate in the birth of our first grandchild. What an extraordinary experience that was for all of us.

I always enjoy visiting Miami Beach, but this special visit placed me in the car on several occasions in heavy traffic, sometimes on excursions to the grocery store or to find particular items that were needed for everyday household use. I might even consider moving to Miami, but the congestion and traffic gives me pause. I could write a book on the differences in Miami Beach and Keaton Beach, both beautiful places in their own rights, and both at opposite ends of the spectrum in all aspects of coastal living in Florida. I will discuss those differences in a later blog entry.